Wind Mill Slatwall
Wind Mill Slatwall

Readysert™ Metal Inserts


Slatwall panels machined to accept the Readysert™ inserts provide the option to work with the plain groove, or with the added strength of the metal inserts.

Readysert metal inserts

The 8' Readysert™ fits the Readysert™ machined panels.

Readyset slatwall panel

Plain grooves and metal insert grooves work together in this hybrid slatwall panel.

• The Readysert™ insert can be easily installed when and where it's needed.

• The standard slatwall accessories fit both the plain groove and the Readysert™ metal insert.
(Check wire and non-standard accessories for fit)

Readysert Comparison

The illustration above shows the difference between the standard metal T-sert and the Readysert™.

• Save Costs - Use the metal inserts only where and when the extra strenght is needed.

• Convenience - Slatwall works both as a plain groove and with the metal inserts.

• Flexibility - The Readysert™ can be added and moved whenever necessary (prior to final installation).



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