Wind Mill Slatwall

"I Unit" Display Fixture Wing Installation


I-Unit Hardware

Tools & Hardware Required (supplied with base kit - box 2 of 2)

• (1) Allen Wrench
• (6) Confirmat Screws
• (6) Screw Caps
• (4) Camlocks
• (4) Camlock pins

Tools - Optional
• rubber mallet

I Unit Panels

Kit Contents (Box 1 of 2)

• (2) Wing Panels
• (1) Center Panel


I Unit Base 1

Step 1 (Assemble the base kit, then position it to accept the I-Unit center panel)

Screw the 4 Camlock pins into the pre-drilled holes on the base.

Install the 4 Camlocks into the wing panels - a rubber mallet can help with this.

I Unit Assembly

Step 2 (Assemble the I Unit wings and center panel)

Attach the wings to the center panels using the confirmat screws. Be sure that the Camlocks are facing the center panel.

*Tip - Do not fully tighten all the screws until all the panels are in place. Once all the wing panels are together and in place, final tighten and snug the screws.


I unit assembly

Step 3 (Set the center panel and wing assembly onto the base)

The upper portion of the unit set down onto the Camlock pins

Tighten the Camlocks by inserting a Phillips head screw driver into the Camlock and turning it to the right to lock - ¼ turn to the right .

I unit screw caps

Setp 4 (Adhere the decorative screw caps)

Using the supplied decorative screw caps to cover the Confirmat screw heads.

Finished I Unit

Step 5 (Finished I Unit)

For more information about the fixture program, or to become a distributor - call Karen Mueller at 920.467.9313. Send Karen an email at - karen@Wind


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