Wind Mill Slatwall

Cube Display Fixture Wings Installation


4way tools and hardware

Tools and Hardware Required (supplied with base kit hardware)

(1) Allen Wrench
(16) Confirmat Screws
(16) Screw Caps

Tools - Optional
Rubber mallet

cube panels 2 panels per box

Cube Package Contents

A. (2) Cube wings per box - 4 total for complete assembly

B. (1) Assembly Instructions

4way dowel pin

Step 1 (Assemble the Cube display panels onto base)

Make sure the 4 wooden dowel pins are inserted into the base top.
*Tip - the rubber mallet can be used to seat the wooden dowel pins fully.

2 cube wings

Step 2 (Assemble Cube display panels onto base)

Start by installing two panels together onto the dowel pins. Locate the holes on the bottoms of the panels and set them onto the pins. Attach the panels together with the confirmat screws. *Note: It is helpful to use two people at this step.

Once the first two panels are together, you can install the remaining panels to complete the unit.

*Tip - Do not fully tighten all the screws until all the panels are in place. Once all the wing panels are together and in place, final tighten the screws.

cube unit4way deco cap

Step 3 (Adhere the decorative screw caps to cover the screw heads)

Peel the decorative screw caps to expose the sticky back, and carefully center and cover the screw heads.

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