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"4 Way" and "I Unit" Display Fixture Base Installation

RTA Fixtures - Base Kit Installation Instructions - 4Way/Cube


Tools Required

Tools Required:
• Rubber Mallet
• Phillips screw driver

Tools Included:
• Allen Wrench (for confirmat screws

Base Kit Hardware (C-J) listed to the right

Base Kit contents

Base Kit Contents:
A. (1) Spinner Base Top (assembled)
B. (4) Kick Base parts w/ pre-drilled holes
Base Kit Hardware shown in photo at left
C. (12) Camlocks
D. (12) Camlock Pins
E. (16) Panhead Screws
F. (4) Dowel Pins (4Way)
(8) Dowel PIns (Cube)
GI. (4) Casters
H. (1) Assembly Instructions

Camlock Pin1

Step 1 (Assemble the 4 kick base parts)
• Start by installing the Camlock pins into the pre-drilled holes
with the Phillips screwdriver.
• Next, install the Camlocks by tapping them into position with the mallet.
• Match the kicks with the same lengths parallel to each
other & lock them with the Camlocks.
• Tip - Tilt the Phillips screwdriver slightly upwards to lock the Camlocks.


kickbase installed

Step 2 (Assemble the kick base to the spinner base)
• Start by installing the CamLock pins into the pre-drilled holes of the spinner base.
• Set the kick base onto the spinner base and fasten together with the CamLocks.
• Tip - If you do not want to utilize the spinner base option, install a screw through the bottom of the base panel into the top panel (taking care not to puncture through the top panel). This will stabilize the spinner component of the base unit.

base caster installed Step 3 (Install casters) the casters are provided / installation is optional
• Install optional casters by positioning the caster into each of the 4 corners.
• Using the pan head screws, attach the casters through the pre-drilled holes on the inside corners of the kick base.
• Tip - get all 4 screws started before doing the final tightening
for easier alignments.
install dowel pins to base Step 4 (Install 4 wooden dowel pins into base top)
• Install the 4 wooden dowel pins into the pre-drilled holes on the base top.
• The spinner base unit is now ready to install the display panels.

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