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Music Store Slatwall Slatwall for guitars
slatwall for guitars slatwall for guitars
slatwall for guitars slatwall for guitars
Music store slatwall slatwall for guitar

Slatwall has been used in the music and guitar stores for many years. It is a natural for hanging all the instruments and instrument gear, like: guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, flutes, violins, violas, cellos, drums, drumsticks, guitar strings, guitar posters, guitar straps, guitar stands, guitar humidifiers, guitar pedals & effects, guitar accessories, ukeleles, mandolins, banjos, resonators, classical & nylon string guitars, left handed guitars, 12 string guitars, modeling guitars, semi-hollow guitars, solid body guitars, keyboard controllers, keyboard accessories, electronic drums, percussion controllers, cymbols, drum machines, mixers, microphones, PA speakers, power amplifiers, sound monitors, lighting effects, racks & cases, audio tools, cables, snakes & adapters, harmonicas, books, videos, CDs, vinyl, software & plug-ins, audio interfaces, midi interfaces, Ipads & accessories, headphones, pre-amps and video recorders.

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